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About Us

Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings

Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited are a leading privately owned company that specializes in acquiring, explorations, new development projects and producing crude oil and natural gas within mainland China. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Hong Kong Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings has developed from primarily from its main oil and gas operations to becoming an integral partner on an international basis supplying many of the driving economies in the world.

Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings covers a range of areas including new oil and gas explorations to new developments, technology research and development, refining and marketing. We have a large reach over the Asia-pacific, North & South America regions.

Our company is striving forward to become the leading provider within the oil and gas sector in mainland China, with plans to increase our reach of exploration and new developments in South America by 2020.

Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings support for the local communities in which we operate in with investments into local and social activities, cultural arts, educational programs and charity projects have been an integral part in our corporate social responsibility.

Our social responsibility program launched in 2009 in partnership with local communities to give back to the regions we operate in, providing jobs and education is our main role in being an active and responsible corporate citizen.

For more information on our corporate governance email us at csr@explorationhkholdings.com