CR: 1261007


Since Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings incorporation we have successfully carried out 143 exploration wells that have been drilled, with the company also having carried out 14 unconventional onshore wells within mainland China. Over 22 new discoveries were made with successful oil and gas structures completed within 2013-2015. Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings holds a reputable success rate of exploration wells in offshore china (Pearl River Mouth Basin) 42-63%.

Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings have maintained a high level of inshore explorations in China, with a successful track record due to our commitment in research and development in our technology.

Our expansion beyond inland ‘Bohai Bay Basin’ and our offshore operations within the ‘Pear River Mouth Basin’ is looking to reach new development operations in South America, a commitment made by the board of directors inline with out 5 year 2020 vision plan. Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings is committed to overseas exploration that expand the company into a truly global supplier of oil and gas.

Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings boosts achievements that have propelled the company into a leading supplier to many continents across the global. This can only be achieved as demonstrated in the past 8 years by optimizing our management process, increasing our operational reach, funding the technology that drives our success and finally our vision for a more sustainable future with renewable energy.

Our most notable breakthrough came in 2015 when Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings discovered heavy oil in the northern ‘Bohai Bay Basin’ after much research and sampling. The end result came into fruition once a successful testing of high-pressure and temperature were made.

New Development and Production

At the beginning of 2016, Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings was heavily under pressure with the instability in international oil price fluctuations. With the success of its research and development projects we managed to cut costs and provide more efficient extractions while maintaining a quality flow to our refinery.


The future of Exploration (Hong Kong) Holdings

2017 is going to be a promising year; with the company already outperforming its yearly targets and the discovery of new oil and gas fields within ‘Bohai Bay Basin’ we have already raised 50 million (USD) through private equity firms and are looking to list on a public exchange.